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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide travel booking options

No, we do not provide any booking facility. However, we are integrating with different travel agents and booking operators and bring the best deals for you. Stay tuned!

Are you a travel agent

No, We are not a travel agent.

What is the interest rates provided on my accounts

The interest rates will be set by the bank and your deposit will enjoy the same interest rate as other deposit account

How safe is my deposit

The deposit accounts are created and operated by the finest banks in India. So, your account will get all the safety and security facilities provided the banks.

What is the minimum and maximum term period for the deposit

The minimum term period is 6 months and maximum term period would be 24 months. However, we are still in discussion with the bank and it may vary.

What are the other benefits provided by gliders

You may enjoy the following benefits with gliders

  1. Enjoy the greater interest rate by the bank
  2. You will enjoy huge discounts from our partners on flight and hotel booking
  3. You can avail the credit on your booking with less interest rate

How do I use my funds

You may use the funds to book flights/facilities through our parter OTA agents or you may settle it to your savings account

How is your service different from traditional deposit service

We are focused to help with your travel goals. We are facilitating it through different ways

  1. With deposit account
  2. By providing low interest credits on your bookings
  3. Greater discounts on your bookings

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