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Gliders technologies started with the purpose of making travel possible for everyone. Most of us has travel dreams and plans. However due to huge sum of money required to book flight tickets and hotels, we leave those plans behind. Most of us may not have that huge sum of money in our accounts at any point of time. You may not have to set aside these huge money for your dream trip. We were in the same boat as you are and called off the plans multiple times.


Woohoo, then comes Gliders technologies with the help. Our solution will help you plan your trip ahead and estimate the cost involved for your travel. And, Let us take care the rest.

  • You don’t need to set aside huge money for your travel
  • We will help you to setup a small recurring deposit every month
  • Your money is  securely deposited in the bank account
  • You earn interest on your deposits
  • We provide credit balance that helps to book the trip much before the deposit term ends
  • These credit balance are provided with less or no interest rates
  • You enjoy huge discounts & benefits from our partners


91springboard ITPL Main Road, Mahadevapura, Bangalore


+91 9606 884 290


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